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Known for Shopping, Live Music and Dancing

Intriguing architecture, mariachi music and mouthwatering food will have you falling in love with one of Mexico’s largest cities.

How do you get to Guadalajara?

Many praise Mexico’s second-largest city for having produced mariachi and tequila, for being a modern, cultural city with malls and urban parks and for its grand historical buildings.

Guadalajara is the capital of the central Mexican state of Jalisco and the sprawling metropole is home to about 4.5 million people. The highly developed city has wide avenues and modern offices, but also reveals a rich cultural identity.

Many of the city’s historic plazas and cathedrals have been preserved and can be found in the Centro Histórico and surroundings. A small metro network connects the major sites. Visit the 17th-century Catedral Metropolitana (Catedral Basílica de la Asunción de María Santísima), adorned with neo-Gothic towers.

Take a seat on the Plaza de Armas just to the south of the cathedral or admire the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Illustres on the opposite side of the cathedral. To the east is the Plaza de la Liberación, where you can see the statue of Miguel Hidalgo, commemorating the abolishment of slavery. Don’t miss the plaza’s neoclassical Teatro Degollado, where folk dancing is still performed today.

The huge, covered Mercado Libertad (Liberty Market) is a good place to try authentic Mexican food. Snack on tamales stuffed with meat and cheese or sit down for a bowl of birria stew, a local delicacy. To see the contemporary side of the city, admire the artistic fountain on Plaza Tapatia or shop at the Plaza del Sol.

Use one of Guadalajara’s many affordable buses to explore the edges of the city. Don‘t miss the expansive Zoológico Guadalajara and its rare Mexican wolves.

Guadalajara’s climate is relatively mild due to its location at 5,200 feet (1,585 meters) above sea level. The days are mostly sunny and evenings are cool. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

Guadalajara sits between central Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta on the west coast. Guadalajara’s international airport is 9.9 miles (16km) south of the city center from where regional buses can take you all around Mexico.

Best neighborhoods to visit in Guadalajara

Things to do in Guadalajara

This picturesque sanctuary lights up the town at night and is home to a famous Virgin statue and indigenous artworks.

See the famous statue of a Roman goddess at this iconic fountain, which is a popular spot for locals to meet and celebrate sporting victories.

Relax and watch live music in this spacious green plaza in the heart of Guadalajara’s historic center, surrounded by many of the city’s most famous sites.

With its gothic twin spires, this church is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Guadalajara and has a fascinating history.

Listen to mariachi bands and enjoy authentic local dishes in this lively square or shop for arts and crafts in this thriving cultural region.

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Discover one of the most outstanding visits of this city. Meet and marvel at the blue agave fermentation and distillation process. We begin our tour with a visit to the Agave fields called “Buenos Aires” of Mundo Cuervo, in which we will witness a demonstration of the traditional jima of the agave.

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Spend a day getting to know the many animal species of Guadalajara Zoo. This Diamante Pass gives you access to all of the zoo's incredible activities and exhibits, letting you get personal encounters with Adelie penguins, embark on an African safari, and see the animals of the Australian Outback.

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Meet the two most representative cities of the state of Jalisco. Be dazzled with the gastronomy, culture, handicrafts and architecture that only this tour can offer. We start the panoramic tour visiting the roundabout of the Minerva, representative guardian of the city erected in the 50’s.

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Fall in love with the climate that Chapala and Ajijic offer. In addition, live an unparalleled experience knowing the most famous birds of the region. We begin our tour to Chapala starting with the visit to the old station of the French facade train whose construction was completed around 1920.

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Delve into the culture, history, and industry of tequila, and explore the process of producing the libation from agave plant to bottle during this guided tour of the fields, factories, and tasting rooms of this fiesta-fueling Mexican national spirit.

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Explore the impressive colonial architecture and fascinating past of Guadalajarathe birthplace of both tequila and mariachi, then visit the lively artisan village of Tlaquepaque to admire and shop for locally crafted leather goods, pottery, and other traditional wares.

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