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Ashburn, VA, US

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FC Barcelona Ticket Information

With more than a century of heritage to their name, Futbol Club Barcelona has risen beyond the world of association football to become an icon of Catalan pride. A constant fixture of La Liga’s top division and one of the most accomplished teams on earth, Barça has collected dozens of trophies against challengers from around the world. You’re in for a terrific adventure with tickets to see a Barcelona game, with its unrivaled energy, spirit, and skill on the field.

Trials & Triumphs

Founded in 1899 by a team of Catalan, Swiss, and English footballers, Barcelona set off on a roller-coaster of highs and challenging times. They dominated the Campionat de Catalunya and reached the finals in the first-ever Copa del Rey, but flagging fortunes nearly ended the club after only a decade. Undaunted, Barça established itself as a potent Catalan symbol both on and off the field.

Despite finding themselves on the losing side of the Spanish Civil War and facing some infamous episodes of adversity from the state, Barcelona rose to new heights, winning the first Copa Latina in 1949 and securing a place as one of the most formidable teams in Spain. Along with a legacy that includes legends from Paulino Alcántara and László Kubala to Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho, the team earned a following that stretches across the continent and beyond.

Més Que Un Club

Beyond their dozens of trophies that range from La Liga and the Copa del Rey to the UEFA Champions League and the World Cup—including a pair of continental trebles—Barcelona’s favorite home team has become a powerful symbol of the Catalan people. With a history that’s intertwined with some of the city’s most turbulent years, their resilience and prowess has been a source of energy for Barcelonistas and an inspiration to fans around the world.

Whether they’re facing off with Real Madrid in El Clásico, sparring with their great European rivals in A.C. Milan, or answering Espanyol’s latest challenge in El derbi Barceloní, a Barcelona game offers some incredible soccer. Don’t miss your chance to catch the action for yourself and check out one of the best things to do in Barcelona.

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